Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to turn traffic into cash 7 tips

Do you have a Web-site, who attends a huge number of people every day? You can learn a lot from this benefit, and receive traffic from your regular income and attach to it quite a bit of effort. Here are some of the best ways to turn your traffic into cash:

1. Sell products or services.

Of course, in order to earn money, you need to sell products or services to its visitors. The best way to make a profit - to sell their own goods. Usually, they are electronic books or software. They can be instantly downloaded by the buyer without any additional charges for shipping, packaging, etc. You get 100% profit without any investment. Moreover, selling its own product allows you to set your own price.

2. Mailing list.

Very important is the involvement of each visitor to subscriber to your list, ie, its inclusion in the mail-list. For the Internet marketer is very important to have your own mailing list and subscribers, as well as the right to dispose of it. That is what determines whether you will go far in the online-business.

With a mailing list, you can raise your profits are thousands and thousands of ways. For example, customers who already bought the product you may make a repeat purchase, and become your loyal customers if they are present in your mailing list and you will be able to convince them to do it competently. Establishing long-term trusting relationship with your subscribers - the best that you basically can do. If your subscribers trust you, then you can offer them a variety of useful products, and the chances that they will buy from you will be very high, because they trust you.

3. Viral Marketing.

You can give your visitors free goods or bonuses for download. As a rule, it can be e-books, which visitors can read on your site and get useful information. In this bonus, you can include your own advertising, and give visitors the opportunity to give a link to anyone. Thus, you increase your reputation and promote your brand.

In the future, you will get a huge advantage, because when you know people are more likely to trust you, and you get more profits. Who you buy a toothbrush - a doctor or a beggar? If the beggar does not offer you some unique conditions, it is unlikely you will buy a toothbrush with him.

4. Pay-per-click.

In this case, you do not pay themselves for each click, and earn on it. There are many programs that pay you a percentage for each click on certain keywords. The most famous - Google Adsense, Chitika, Yahoo Publisher Network and Kontera.

When people click on ads provided by any of these programs, you get a little money. However, if you have many visitors, the programs themselves can provide you with a steady income.

5. Provide advertising space.

Typically, Web-sites with very high traffic, selling small blocks on your page. You can request a minimum of $ 300 for placing someone else's advertising during the month, if your page is more than 2000 visitors per day.

6. Partnership programs.

If you do not have their goods to sell them, you can sell other people's products instead and receive a commission from each purchase. With the affiliate program you can have any number of goods and you do not need to solve any problems after the sale of goods. You do not need a support service consumers need not pay the penalty or the risks, let the owner of the goods makes it all after the commission of your visitors buying. If you have your subscription, you can advise them many different products and earn revenue from their subscribers.

7. Pay-per-engaging.

Instead of receiving money for each click that will make your visitor, you get paid for bringing it to someone's mailing list. Nevertheless, not necessarily that you need only make your visitor somebody subscriber. A lot of companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi conduct research every few months, sending them to their visitors to participate in such research, fill out the application, you also get a lot of money.

Applying these tips properly, you can get great benefit from the Internet and build a quality online-business, able to replace your regular job. Just invest a little time and effort into one of these strategies, and your efforts to be compensated.

Friday, February 18, 2011

10 blunders on the Internet

Blunder 1. The use of free services in the organization of the Web - sites.

Let's talk straight: You do not have to design a business website using free service. Regardless of what you may think, it will not work. You get what you pay for.

No more disgust than visiting the site, who found refuge in the apparently overloaded servers. Some of the free services are so desperate. Your site - is such an important asset you have, and he must make a good first impression. In fact, nothing is free. When you get a "free" disk space, you are required to display a banner company providing you hospitality in the best places on your site. From a purely business standpoint, it is absolutely unreasonable.

Currently, you can find a hosting service, providing everything you need for a small monthly fee. OBJECTIVE: if you do not want to spend a few dollars a month for a good hosting service, how much can be serious your business? This blunder instantly deprives many good prospects.

If you do not want to splurge and purchase your own domain name, your business will not be taken seriously and you ultimately fail.

Blunder 2. Graphics, music, java destroy your website!

This is the second most common mistake is the Internet - marketing. If you are doing business on the Internet, the most important work of your site - selling a product or service. Anything that prevents this should be avoided like the plague!

If you are not an expert in graphic design, then your graphics will load forever and will not make sales. And any visitor will not tolerate disruptions in their browser because of your java - script. The same things - for all the most popular plug-ins. On your site sound or music videos? Not welcome!

If you do not sell CDs, the sound has nothing to do on your site. You can argue with that, but this is the main cause of the problems of your visitors. Fancy graphics, java, plugins, sound files, etc. will lead to what your visitors will simply not wait for the download and go. If all this does not convince you, look at the 100 best sites on the Internet! Look at the site of Yahoo, which, no doubt, is the most popular sites on the Internet. You saw there fancy java-application or heard the music?

Blunder 3. If you do not ask for action and feedback.

Of great importance is the request for action and feedback. One thing that many forget, is this: we think that our visitors have to like what they see on our sites.

Here's a real life example. Initially, we made a site on the basis of framing. We knew about potential problems, spent a lot of time removing them to make the site more friendly to browsers our visitors as possible. But after requests for feedback, we found that most visitors just hate frames.

The most horrible thing is that, if we had not asked for feedback, I never would have not understood this. For us, everything worked fine, but a large number of visitors had problems. After that we completely redesigned the site, and our sales have increased rapidly.

You'll be surprised at just how valuable would be for you to feedback from visitors, if you just ask. Do not forget that your potential and actual customers in their own feel your site, regardless of what you think about it for yourself and your business should take this into account.

Blunder 4. Wasting valuable time on unproductive activities.

For you as an Internet entrepreneur's most valuable asset should be the time. Yes, time is even more precious than money, so spend it wisely. Since time-limited resource, you must learn to distribute it on priorities. There are things more important than others.

Pay attention to how much time you spend on a variety of promotions and marketing activities. Are you aware that you are more productive? Do not waste your precious time. Test all your advertising and waste your time accordingly.

Another example - the search engines. One of the biggest myths prevalent in the community, an Internet marketing that getting a place in the top ten on search engines suddenly make you successful. Do not believe it and do not waste time trying to achieve this.

One of the most important things you should do is to automate the maximum amount of your daily activities. This includes order fulfillment. To succeed online, you must spend most of your time on advertising and marketing your business.

Blunder 5. Ineffective management of mail contacts.

Your e-mail communication with subscribers, prospects and customers must be for you "sink or swim." In our sinful times, too little chance to impress the person you really need to learn how to use email to your advantage. It's common sense.

Every day we get emails from people asking how they can do this or that business. It seems that these letters were written by ten-year children with errors, poorly formatted, hard to read ...

Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes, but this did not justify. Get a good email program, learn how to use it, check your outgoing mail. You know, I never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Blunder 6. Poorly designed and built a mailing list.

Red flag! Warning! Serious blunder! If you do not have a mailing list to keep communication with your subscribers and customers, you are literally throwing money into a sewage pit!

People buy things they want to buy from people they know and trust. And there's no better way to win people's trust than to show them that you are good at what they do. Start mail newsletter lets you keep in contact with your audience and do their job.

This will help you to inform its subscribers about the changes to the site and new products. You'll never have to worry about that, forgot about you - your name will always be in front of them. You can even sell advertising space in its newsletter. But most important - is to build trusting relationships.

Think about it. If you want to become a real estate investor, who would you buy a correspondence course of study? In the first comer merchant or one who sent you the free newsletter for the past year? Start your newsletter should be a top priority!

Blunder 7. Inadequate publicity destroys your reputation.

Probably you have heard that it was sending spam - one of the most effective means for an Internet business. Mass mailing of unsolicited e-mails - one of the gravest mistakes the Internet - business. At any spammer actually make money, there are dozens of honest internet entrepreneurs who earn much more, so that there is no reason to deal with spam.

The same is the case and the spam mail newsgroups. What troubles from these dubious practices when there are so many ways to online - advertising? If we forget about the ethical aspects, even from a business point of view it makes no sense.

Reputation - this is the most important asset for an Internet entrepreneur. Spam - it's the fastest way to destroy that reputation. If you have any intention to enter the circle of the long-term profits, please do not do spam!

Blunder 8. Inattention to marketing, which is a key factor in your success.

For the success of your business you should do only two things but do them properly.

First of all, you need to develop a profitable business model. Everything else is premature, until you have be a viable product or service and how their sales becoming profitable. Do not waste money on the promotion of fakes.

Once you've decided what your business model looks good, you have to concentrate maximum effort on promoting their product or service.

If a single sale you make $ 10, then to get a million you just need to find 100,000 customers. The lifeblood of your business - marketing.

Blunder 9. Do you think that the Internet can be a get rich quick.

Another mistake is not confined to the Internet, but the same risk as others. Making money is easy, but it needs work.

A successful business is not created overnight, it is the result of much effort and sleepless nights. If someone says he can teach you how to make big money without much trouble, stay away as far as possible and make sure that your checkbook is still with you!

Myths about rapid wealth proved very popular on the Internet. But the truth is that for the average person it is an unrealistic way. And get on a pacifier, inflated advertising means a delay on the path to this success. Save yourself in sadness, accepting the fact that nothing is free.

We do not know why the view of the rapid wealth is so prevalent on the Internet, but we know one thing. There are no secrets, nothing mystical in creating money online. Absolutely anyone can make money on the Internet, if a lot of work, and though a little pushy!

Blunder 10. Misunderstanding of the real power of the Internet.

Internet - a tool designed for communication.

It has never been easier and more cost-effective way for businesses to achieve its targeted audience of potential customers. So take all of its benefits!

Use the power of the Internet to reach millions of customers around the world, and then use it to provide adequate customer service. Use the Internet to gather information, study the competition and how the others work!

In cyberspace, there are golden mountains of information and resources, but you need to know where you can find. Learn how to use search engines to easily find everything you need, and your performance just fly up!

Use the Internet for more effective communication. But do not forget in your business about the people that the Internet - just a way to interact with them.

We talked about the biggest blunders of online marketing. In fact, committed more errors, but knowledge about the most common costly mistakes will allow you to have a good starting position for the business. If you refrain from making these 10 mistakes, you are guaranteed to be more successful on the Internet.

How to increase earnings from AdSense? 8 tips

You can easily increase the profit from Adsense, knowing certain rules effective placement of ad units.

Here, 8 simple tips:

Tip number 1: When you advertise in the first part of the page

The first part of the page - this is part of the page you see immediately when loading the site. Place the ad unit so that it will be available to users visually without scrolling.

Tip number 2: No more than 4 advertisements

I do not mean the number of ad units, and the number of advertising messages in the block. Google places the most expensive advertising posts at the top, so the less you put advertising messages, the more you get paid for each click.

Tip number 3: Use the average size of blocks

Recommend the use of block 250 * 250 with 3 ads. But can experiment with this.

Tip number 4: Disguise

This is a very obvious point. You need to mask the ad units on your site so that they do not stand out from the rest of the textual information. Use the same background, font size and color.

Tip number 5: Leave the blue links

Whichever you did not have the font color or background, leave the Adsense links blue. In the understanding of people, if the text is blue, it means the link - and the point is to encourage the user to click on the link.

Tip number 6: Configure Channels

If you have more than one ad unit per page, you must configure a channel for each. If you have one block on the page, configure the channel for the page. Channels help you analyze the effectiveness of advertising.

Tip number 7: Stay CTR

CTR - it's Click Through Ratio. The number of clicks divided by the number of page views multiplied by 100. If one page has a lower CTR, than others, you need to work on content pages. The normal level of CTR of 5% to 10%. If the figure is lower, then you have something to work.

Tip number 8: Check your Adsense ads

Necessary to verify the compliance of advertising messages the content of your pages. Sometimes it may be that advertising is absolutely does not correspond to the site. What is the reason? - You need to make sure the correct content of your meta tags.